Mahavir Hi-Tech

Mahavir Hi-Tech Hospital

Ayurvedic hospital in Patna

Mahavir hi-tech hospital focuses on the traditional medicine engraved to ancient India which is known as Ayurveda. It is an alternate medicine group, deep rooted into the Indian history. It is a native Indian medicine system which is now even scientifically excepted and appreciated.

The doctors here are extremely professional and highly qualified, they use a wide range of treatments, including:

  • Dietary changes
  • Herbal medicine, made with the combination herbs with metals, gems and minerals (known as rasha shastra medicines)
  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Acupuncture (practiced by some practitioners)
  • Panchakarma (five actions)
  • Sound therapy, by using of mantras

Panchakarma; world’s most comprehensive cleansing process is offered by Ayurveda. The aim of this ancient protocol is to release accumulated toxins from within the tissues, it includes five primary therapy gradually returning the doshas to their actual positions in the body.

Ayurveda has eight branches that are:

  • Kaayachikitsa (internal medicine)
  • Baalchikitsa (pediatrics)
  • Bhuta vidya (psychiatry)
  • Shalay Tantra (ear, nose, throat treatment)
  • Jarachikitsa/ Rasayana (geriatrics)
  • Vajikarana (fertility &conception)
  • Shalya Tantra (surgery)
  • VishagaraVairodh Tantra (toxicology)

Mahavir hi-tech is one of the best ayurvedic hospital in Patna which is set to heal all sort of health issues with the help of natural intelligence. Ayurveda claims to cure some genetic disease as well like diabetes, arthritis and more, the healing process compiles of age-old strategies with proven lasting cure. This ancient medicine system offers a harmonious and healthy future. If you are seeking Ayurveda consultancy for any disease and want a healthy body, Mahavir hi tech hospital is the right place for you.

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