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The team of oncologists at Mahavir Hi-Tech Hospital in Patna provide world class surgery.
The main goal of treatment is to find fatal tumors in the body and remove them.
Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.
Here the doctors who practice surgical oncology also diagnose whether the disease has spread to other parts of the body.
Best Doctors in Patna A doctor who treats a cancer patient is an oncologist. Cancer is caused due to intake of addictive material like tobacco and smoking, Diet and Physical Activity, Sun and Other Types of Radiation, Viruses and Other Infections.

Surgery performed in order to treat cancer is called Onco-Surgery.

Cancer survival has improved nowadays because of improved prevention efforts from the risk factors (tobacco and alcohol consumption), improved detection procedure of several cancers, and improvements in treatment.

The goal of our surgical oncology

There are various causes why a cancer patient or someone suspected of having cancer may need surgery.

Surgical oncology may be required for:

  • Diagnostic surgery or biopsy for cancer diagnosis.
  • Removal of tumor or a part of the cancer (curative or de-bulking surgery).
  • Determining location of cancer and estimate whether it has spread and is affecting the functionality of other organs (staging surgery).
  • Removal of body tissue that can be cancerous in future (preventive surgery).
  • helping other types of treatment, such as installing an infusion port (supportive surgery).
  • Restoring the body’s appearance or function (reconstructive surgery).
  • Managing side effects (palliative surgery).

Types of Surgery performed

Our Hospital provides the optimal surgery services in Patna as we know that cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases. Mainly cancer require two primary surgeries i.e. Open surgery and minimal invasive surgery.

Open Surgery – In open surgery the oncologist needs to make a large incision, required to remove all or part of a tumor and some portion of the surrounding healthy tissue (margins).

Minimally Invasive Surgery –

  • Laparoscopy: Laparoscopy is the type of surgery which require few small incisions and insertion of a laparoscope (a thin tube along with a tiny camera attached) into one of the incisions to take a short of interior portion, while inserting surgical tools into the other incisions to take out malignancies and surrounding tissue.
  • Laser surgery: The surgeon will use a narrow beam of high-intensity light to extract the tumor.
  • Cryosurgery: The surgery requires the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill cancerous cells.
  • Robotic Surgery: This surgery has similarity to a laparoscopic surgery. However, instead of using surgical tools manually, the surgeon uses a computer based robotic tools.

Because a cancer diagnosis can cause distress and anxiety, the hospital provides you with best care and top-notch facilities.

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