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Mahavir Hi-Tech Hospital


If you are suffering from early stage or severe stage kidney problem, you must visit to a nephrologist. Mahavir Hi-tech hospital can be the best option for you as it has one of the best nephrologists in Patna, who diagnose and treat all the complications related to kidney. Here we have one of the most experienced nephrologists who provide effective treatments for all the chronic kidney diseases. Our nephrologists help you to prevent the renal damage which is caused by diabetes and high blood pressure.


What do our nephrologist do?

Our experienced nephrologist deals with almost all the acute and chronic disorders of kidney. These disorders include:

  • Acid-base disorders- Mainly, there are four types of acid base disorder. They are metabolic acidosis, respiratory acidosis, respiratory alkalosis and metabolic alkalosis. Metabolic alkalosis is one of the most common disorder. It may be caused due to kidney disease, severe vomiting of diarrhoea, electrolyte disturbance, ingestion of certain drugs and toxins or due to the diseases that affect normal metabolism.
  • Acute kidney failure- Acute kidney failure occur when all of sudden kidney stops working. We have one of the experienced nephrologists in Patna who treat it with all the reversible situations that leads to acute kidney failure. These includes infections, kidney stones or major blood loss.
  • Tubular/ interstitial disorders- It affect the tubules of the kidneys and its surrounding tissues. Tubules collect the filtered fluid from the kidneys which eventually becomes urine. Our nephrologistsanalyse the symptoms of such disorder and provide comprehensive care with advance treatment.
  • Glomerular disease- This kind of disorder belongs to the disorder of glomeruli or clusters of blood vessels inside the kidneys. We have the most proficient nephrologist who treat this various method that eliminates the growth of such disorders and preserve kidney as long as they can.
  • Hypertension- Hypertension or high blood pressure is the second leading cause of end stage renal disease (ESRD). When too much renin is excreted from kidney blood pressure arises. Our expertise recommend you medicines which help in lower down the blood pressure. They also advise patients other methods which leads to lowering blood pressure that include diet and exercise.
  • Mineral metabolism- Mineral metabolism disorders happen when there isirregular amount of minerals found in blood. We have one of the most experienced nephrologists in Patna, they treat or manage mineral metabolism disorders by ensuring the patients to get it normal.
  • Kidney transplantation- When one’s kidney completely stops working the nephrologists replace with another healthy one. The process of replacement of kidney is also known as kidney transplantation. Our nephrologists are experience enough to do this surgical process which are completely painless.
  • Kidney stones-Basically kidney stones area firm deposits of minerals and acid salts that glues together in concentrated urine. In general, it causes pain in urinary tract while urination. The treatment of this syndrome is also treated by the nephrologist of Mahavir Hi-tech hospital who have a team of skilled nephrologist in Patna.
  • Acute renal failure- Acute renal failure grows rapidly in very few days or hours and mostly affect the critically ill patients. This disease may be fatal. By providing ample treatment which includes medications, fluids and dialysis our team of experts help the patient to manage their issue.
  • Chronic renal failure-The kidney works as a filter which sieve the waste and excess of fluid from the blood. But when the kidney fails the waste starts building up. This kind of disease don’t have any specific symptoms and get diagnose by lab test. With proper medications this problem can be manageable and later transplantation is required. Our nephrologist suggests the best for you whether medication, dialysis or transplantation.

Why should you prefer us?

Nephrologists of Mahavir Hi-tech hospital offers a wide range of procedures for the treatment of the following:

  • Haematuria (bloods in urine)
  • Proteinuria (protein in the urine)
  • HTA and vascular damage
  • Urinal infections
  • Disease that creates inflammation in the kidney (nephritis)
  • Consequences of impaired kidney function which includes anemia, increase in phosphorous, lack of bicarbonate

Our nephrologists are highly qualified and well aware of all medications and clinical pharmacology. They expertise in the management of diabetes, hypertension and its complications. Nephrologists of Mahavir Hi-tech hospital are also specialized in nutritional management for the prevention and treatment of kidney disease. Our experts use various methods of techniques to follow up the ECRA. They perform kidney biopsy for severe kidney diseases. They also uses special blood purification techniques which includes leukocytaoheresis, plasmspheresis, LDL apheresis etc.

Mahavir Hi-tech hospital is renowned for its services in nephrology.Our nephrologists are highly skilled and familiar with all thesurgical procedures associated with dialysis. If you witness any such problems visit us to receive ample care and advance treatment.

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