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Trauma Centre in Patna

Accidents are sudden and the injuries anyone gets from the accident can be both minor and major. Mahavir Hi-Tech hospital has all the facilities which any well develop hospital need.

Doctors are experts in their respective department and experienced enough to treat the highest risk of injuries that makes this hospital one of the best trauma centre in Patna.

Our team has quick staffs who provide first aid in an instant to those who with minor injuries. Our hospital is well known for its emergency department or trauma centre for providing instant care to the patients suffering from major traumatic injuries like, motor vehicle collision, falls, and gunshot wounds.

Trauma Centre in Patna

Best facilities in Trauma Centre in Patna

Mahavir hi-tech hospital has a team of experts and well trained nurses to provide the best medical care to the patient. Our trauma centre is fully air-conditioned and we even have a blood bank if someone needed it will make it available for them. Our trauma intensive care unit are specially furnished to provide specialized care to the patients who is suffering from a serious injury. A set of doctors and a team of well-trained staffs and nurses works here in day and night shift to deliver the best medical care to the patients in need injured.

Patients can find the trauma centre of Mahavir Hi-Tech the best trauma hospital by facility we provide like availability of general and instant care in various department like orthopedic surgery, emergency medicine, neurosurgery, internal medicine, anesthesiology, plastic surgery, radiology, critical , maxillofacial, oral and pediatric care.We ensure to supply a comprehensive quality of assessment program.

Our trauma centre provides more extensive care by highly skilled staffs and the experienced health professionals for the treatment of patients.

Trauma centre of Mahavir Hi-tech Hospital

Trauma centre of Mahavir hospital make sure that our first priority is to save life and give rapid servicefor the treatment of the patient. We implemented globally recommended the system to “triage” to prioritize the patients according to their prognoses illness, severities, and the availability of resources to access the emergency care.

We also provide rehabilitation facility after the treatment of trauma for ensuring the complete recovery of the patient that makes Trauma Centre of Mahavir Hi-Tech hospital one of the best trauma hospital in Patna.

Trauma centre in Mahavir Hi-tech hospital has different levels as per the kind of trauma the patient has bared. As said no one can schedule the need of emergency for that we provide the services at minimum rates. We provide the services of level 1 trauma centre in order to deliver total care regarding injury starting from prevention to rehabilitation.

Recently, we added the facility of Glasgow Coma Scale used to identify the consciousness level of the patients who are traumatized based on the responses of lips, eyes, motor system including lower and upper extremities. You will experience best of treatment of Trauma in our hospital and the complete trauma team will make you comfortable during the period of treatment.